The actor and his husband, David Burtka, and their 6-year-old twins now have another adorable member of their family. Little Gidget was rescued from the streets in Thailand and brought to the U.S. by the North Shore Animal League America. "She’s so affectionate, sweet and friendly," said the group’s Cindy Szczudlo. "She loved playing with the cats in my office. She just has an amazing personality." Harris and Burtka are good friends with Beth Stern, who works closely with North Shore Animal League and knew Gidget would be a perfect fit for their family. Burtka shared some cute photos of the pup on Instagram on Tuesday. “Just when I thought your family couldn’t get any cuter!” said one Burtka follower. — Read it at The Dodo


Thanksgiving is for family, friends, food, football and our favorite tradition: dog shows. And when you tune into the National Dog Show on November 24, you’ll get to see three new and adorable canine faces: the American Hairless Terrier (Terrier Group), Sloughi (Hound Group) and Pumi (Herding Group).

These three dog breeds were fully recognized by the AKC in 2016, making them eligible to compete in dog shows and competitions. So while you eagerly await this year’s television broadcast on NBC, check out the photo gallery below to learn more about the new breeds — and get to know the seven breeds who were recognized by the AKC in 2015.    

EmbeddableSlideshow: New Breeds at 2017 Westminster Dog Show EMBEDDABLE SLIDESHOW

Breeds Competing for the First Time, Plus Breeds Added in 2015
American Hairless Terrier (Terrier): Sloughi (Hound): Pumi (Herding): Bergamasco (Herding): Berger Picard (Herding): Boerboel (Working): Cirneco dell’Etna (Hound): Lagotto Romagnolo (Sporting): Miniature American Shepherd (Herding): Spanish Water Dog (Herding):

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Sometimes people underestimate how important it is that dogs receive regular walking. Dogs require regular walking because it stimulates them in at least 3 different areas. These are the dog’s health, the dog’s social skills, and the training of the dog. Knowing these things, it would be wise to trust Waggy Walkys with the walking of a ones dog.


Dogs need exercise and walking them provides the perfect opportunity to give them what they need. When walking a dog, you improve its ability to be limber and agile. Walking a dog also improves the quality of its life by helping to manage its weight. Dogs and cats alike sometimes need a little help digesting their food, with regular walking this can give them comfort and encourage proper intestinal processes. I’m sure many people may have witnessed a dog that seems hyperactive. This can be remedied by taking the dog on walks. Pets are like children and just like children, it is wise to direct their energies to constructive activities. Waggy Walkys offers an opportunity to provide every pet with all of these health benefits and more.

Social Skills

Walking a dogs offers much to gain in the area of its social skills. By walking a dog, the walker can establish expectations for how it should act in the presence of other dogs and other people.  A new dog or even a new environment might prove to be overstimulating to a dog not familiar with its surroundings. A well behaved dog can save the owner a lot of headaches as well. By consistently walking your dog you reduce the risk of it biting or otherwise hurting other dogs or people around it.

Another advantage to a dog’s social skills brought about by regular walking is it allows the dog to meet different people and come into contact with varied situations.  By offering a dog the opportunity to come into contact with new experiences you strengthen its cognitive ability. A loving dog owner should never deprive their furry companion the social development it needs, so if one needs help with walking their dog, Waggy Walkys is always there.


Walking a dog provides a great opportunity to train it as well. First, walking a dog allows it to get comfortable with wearing a leash. The dog owner can establish a way to communicate an appropriate pace, whether it be walking, jogging, or running. Walking a dog regularly is also a great way to teach a dog simple commands like “stop”, “sit”, “stay” and “come”. Walking a dog is a great way to give it real world positive reinforcement. For those less experienced with training dogs in this way, Waggy Walkys is the perfect solution.


Walking a dog through Waggy Walkys or just in general offers numerous benefits for the overall well-being of a dog. Improved health, better social skills and an opportunity to train the dog are all possible through consistent walking. Lastly the benefits of walking a dog cannot be truly quantified because the joy a dog expresses while being walked is priceless.

Let’s face it, there are literally hundreds of dog walkers out there and 99.999% of them are not professional, and are not reliable.  Professional dog walking has steadily grown in popularity over the years. As a result, more and more businesses are popping up, offering dog walking services. Some people believe this is a good thing, as customers have more options to choose from and a growing variety of services to purchase for their dog. Others believe that the increase in professional dog walking businesses has caused the market to be flooded with amateur companies that are stealing customers away from more experienced, qualified establishments.  These amateur new comers don’t carry insurance and aren’t bonded.  They typically are single owner operator entities with no backup plan should something happen to the single employee.

With such a strong sense of competition, popular businesses like Waggy Walkys have to stay up to date and fresh to keep up and stand out from amateur companies. When new customers research companies to use for dog walking services, they look for a number of qualities. These can include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Reasonable prices
  • Experienced employees
  • Professionalism and organization
  • Prompt response time
  • Variety of services

A combination of these traits are usually what attracts new customers to a successful dog walking business, and they are also what keeps old customers loyal to the company. Still, with so many options for dog walking in the DMV area, it helps to know what makes Waggy Walkys, or any other company, different from the competition.

Pros And Cons – How Does Waggy Walkys Stand Out?

One of the major advantages we here at Waggy Walkys have over similar businesses in the area is the variety of services we offer. Besides dog walking, Waggy Walkys also offers dog park play, house sitting, pet sitting, dog boarding, and pet taxi services. This feature is key when looking for a credible dog walking business to patronize. Amateur businesses often advertise dog walking as their one and only service, as they are not experienced or organized enough to provide a larger variety of services.  They typically are not insured or bonded.  And if the single employee owner gets sick or cannot fulfill his or her duties then the customer and his or her pet suffers.

Another benefit of using Waggy Walkys is our large service area. Waggy Walkys services customers in the entire DMV, while most competitors only service one small area or county. Larger businesses are always a sign of experience and credibility, while smaller businesses can indicate a newer, less professional company.


keeping your dog in shape

There are plenty of people who claim to love dogs but there are few who can actually handle the demands that come with being a professional dog walker. Taking care of a stranger’s dog requires extensive experience and training, and is not something that should be taken lightly. Here at Waggy Walkys, we have a reputation for hiring extremely qualified, caring people to become “Waggy Walkers” for our company.

Due to the popularity of Waggy Walkys, more and more people are choosing to apply to become a dog walker for the business. However, most of them are unaware of the experience and personality traits necessary to qualify for the job. With basic guidance and research, the average dog lover is capable of becoming a professional dog walker. Waggy Walkys even offers training for new employees to guide them when they are just starting out. Still, exploring the industry and finding out more about the business is key to preparing for the process of applying to Waggy Walkys or any professional dog walking company.

General Requirements And Qualifications

As a guideline for our potential applicants, our website lists basic requirements and skills a person should have before applying to become a waggy walker. These include but are not limited to:

  • Must enjoy and be comfortable around dogs
  • Must be reliable, responsible, and trustworthy
  • Must be able to work independently
  • Must be able to pass a background check and possess professional references
  • Must have outstanding customer service and communication skills

These are the basic requirements any person considering a job as a dog walker should fulfill. If a person believes they are a good fit to be a dog walker for Waggy Walkys, the next step is to apply on the website.

Applying To Be A Waggy Walker

Those interested in applying to work for Waggy Walkys should fill out an application on the website, The application asks questions to learn basic information about the applicant as well as a few more detailed questions such as “what experience do you have with dogs?”, “are you willing to sign a non-compete?”, and “why do you want to work for Waggy Walkys?”. Applicants should review these questions in depth before applying and draft their answers beforehand to ensure the best possible application. They should also include a resume and any professional references that can speak to their abilities as a dog walker.

After applying, the applicant should continue to hone their skills as a dog walker to ensure top notch performance should they be chosen for a working interview. Not all businesses hold working interviews, however they are very common. In working interviews, the applicant will normally walk or pet sit a dog accompanied by another employee or owner of the business. That person will evaluate the applicant’s performance and determine whether or not they are a good fit for the job.

Final Tips For Applying

The most qualified people for a job at Waggy Walkys will always be people who have experience as a freelance dog walker. However, people who are new to the business and think they have what it takes should still apply. Being a professional dog walker is unique in that experience is not always necessary. The main qualities a person should have are a love for dogs and a fun, outgoing personality. As with any job, experience will come, but personality is what often secures the position.

Apply online on our “Jobs” page.

Waggy Walkys dog walkers

At Waggy Walkys, we have a well-earned reputation for hiring compassionate, experienced people to work for us as professional dog walkers. In order to compete with amateur or freelance dog walkers in the area, we strive to maintain a superior standard of quality employees. There are plenty of people who imagine working as a dog walker a fun, and easy job to do as long as the person likes to care for dogs. While this is partly true, the job also requires a lot of hard work and dedication to learning the best techniques to safely care for someone else’s pet.

Knowing what to expect as a professional dog walker is key to finding success in the industry and anyone considering applying to be a “waggy walker” should research both the business and the duties the job entails before applying. Although being a professional dog walker is very similar to freelance dog walking, there are some key differences that should be kept in mind.

What’s The Average Pay?

One of the most common questions about professional dog walking is “what is the average pay?”. Freelance dog walkers often ask this question to gauge whether or not the consistent work will be worth sharing their profits with an employer. Waggy Walkys’ website lists the cost for all their services. Customers have the option of 15, 30, or 60min walks for $15, $20, and $30 respectively.   Waggy Walkys dog walkers typically earn between $16 and $24 per hour.

Professional dog walkers have the convenience and security of relatively steady work to depend on, while freelance dog walkers must be self-sufficient and do any marketing, advertising, and client-base building on their own.

Why Work For Waggy Walkys – Benefits And Advantages

Aside from the increased reliability of working for a professional business, dog walkers at Waggy Walkys have a myriad of advantages over people with more conventional jobs. The most obvious advantage is the ability for animal lovers to work with dogs for a large portion of the day and get paid to do it. For a lot of people, walking dogs is a fun activity, not a daunting task.

Becoming a professional dog walker is also good for people who want to exercise and get in shape without it cutting into their busy schedule. With Waggy Walkys, dog walkers are able to work outside and walk or jog while simultaneously doing their job. This is a huge benefit for people who tend to get bored working indoors all day long.

In addition, Waggy Walkys offers performance based raises for their dog walkers. This is likely appealing to freelance dog walkers who want more of an incentive to working with a professional business as opposed to on their own. This is also a good way for the business to increase morale and ensure that walkers have incentives to become better at their job.

Final Thoughts – Is Waggy Walkers A Good Business To Work For?

Although the argument can be made that freelance dog walkers have more freedom to make their own schedule and charge what they want, the benefits of working for Waggy Walkys are hard to ignore. The business is one of the most popular in the area, guaranteeing walkers a large customer base and steady work. Unlike other jobs, Waggy Walkys also offers incentives based on performance and the added benefit of working outside instead of being cooped up in an office or store.

For anyone who loves dogs and prefers a more relaxed environment, Waggy Walkys is definitely a good option to consider when looking for extra work.

Click on the menu item “Jobs” to apply today.

Maybe being 8 for Ryan Lochte’s dog is like being 39 for Jack Benny — he doesn’t want to reveal his real age and will just be 8 every year? On Sunday, the Olympic swimmer tweeted happy birthday wishes for his Doberman, Carter, who he calls his son. But he raised some eyebrows because he said the pooch was turning 8 — for the third year in a row. Lochte has since deleted this year’s Tweet and replaced it with one wishing Carter a happy 9th birthday, which would line up with what he’s previously said was his date of birth, Oct. 23, 2007. Of course, the Internet caught wind of the snafu before he could make the switch, and had plenty of jokes to make about it. However old you are this year, Carter, we hope you have a great celebration! — Read it at CBS News

Animal-loving actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came to the rescue of two stray dogs while driving to work in Hawaii this week. The star picked up the mom and baby girl, had them spayed and vaccinated — and named them after his “two fav gorgeous ladies,” singers Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. He’s now looking for “an amazing family to take them in,” and hundreds of fans have responded with their interest in giving the dogs a home. “Universe works in mysterious ways and for some reason we were meant to find these two lovelies roaming the streets and terribly malnourished. Now they’re famous and licking the sweat off my face,” he wrote on Instagram with a video of the pups in his arms. Lopez shared the video of the adoptable dogs. — Read it at Time


It is common knowledge for most pet owners that regular walks contribute significantly to a dog’s health and overall quality of life. Still, most people find it difficult to set aside time to walk their dog every day. For this reason, more and more pet owners are relying on professional dog walking services to give their dog the exercise they need.

Waggy Walkys is a premiere dog walking and pet care services provider in the DMV. Considering its reputation for having highly qualified employees and stellar reviews, Waggy Walkys has quickly become a premier choice for dog owners. Like most dog walking businesses, having a “meet and greet” is the first step pet owners take before booking a service through the website. Customers and their dog meet with the potential dog walker and discuss expectations, special requests, and any additional information that will be needed to best care for the animal.

Aside from the normal discussions about diet preferences, compatibility, and prices, pet owners should first and foremost be sure that their dog is a good fit for professional dog walking. This should be discussed and accessed during the meet and greet to ensure a smooth and safe service for both parties involved. Although professional dog walking is convenient, pet owners must also remember that although the dog walker will be extremely experienced, they are still a stranger. Learning the signs that may indicate an unprepared dog is important and will make both the owner and walker feel more at ease.

How To Tell If A Dog Is Ready For Professional Pet Walking

There are multiple signs that indicate a dog may not be ready for professional walking, no matter how experienced the walker is. Safety is the most important thing to consider when seeking professional dog walking services, and it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure their dog is a good fit. Most dogs are completely at ease with their owners, however some react nervously and even violently when they are in a stranger’s presence. Common signs that a dog will not react well to professional dog walking include:

  • Unable or unwilling to walk on a leash
  • Unable or unwilling to respond to common commands
  • Growling or barking at strangers
  • Frequent biting or overly aggressive behavior
  • Unable or unwilling to interact with other dogs

These are just a few patterns of behavior that could indicate a dog is not ready for professional dog walking services. While dog walkers are trained and extremely experienced, they are still strangers and dogs should be trained accordingly before being placed in their care.

Preparing A Dog For Professional Pet Walking

Preparing a dog for professional walking services is similar to preparing a dog for interacting with any other stranger. Training has the best impact when dogs are very young and eager to learn new things. Owners should be begin training by teaching their dog basic commands such as “sit”, “come”, and “stay”. After mastering basic commands, the dog should be taught to interact with strangers in a safe way. Good behavior should be rewarded regularly, while any aggressive behaviors should be recognized and corrected.

In addition to learning basic commands and how to interact with other humans, dogs should learn learn to socialize with other pets as well. “Play dates” for dogs are a common and useful strategy to teach them how to cooperate with other animals in a safe way.

Bottom Line – Final Thoughts

Waggy Walky’s Professional dog walkers are trained to interact with dogs regardless of their personality or special needs. However, dog owners should always consider safety the top priority when choosing to use our services. Learning basic commands and how to interact with strangers is not a difficult task for most dogs, and these steps should be taken before an owner chooses to hire a professional walker.

Butters lives in Alexandria, Virginia. Butters’s owner is Alexandra Tauscher, and Butters’s walker is Jornay Deaton. At Waggy Walkys we love our client’s and their owner’s. 🙂

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We know we can never take your place in the loving eyes of your pet – but we sure as heck can serve as an awesome fill-in when you’re at work, too busy or away on vacation. Waggy Walkys has been catering to pets of all shapes, sizes and breeds since 2002, growing a trusted network of pet care professionals throughout the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

It’s not just what we do that sets us apart – it’s how we do it. Your pet’s health and safety are our main priorities, with extensive training, vetting and background checks provided for all pet care professionals in our network. Most of our trusted dog walkers and pet sitters have cared for animals for much of their lives, ensuring they have the know-how and skills to properly tend to the needs of your pet.

When you entrust your pet with Waggy Walkys, you enjoy daily updates, detailed reports and, best of all, peace of mind that your pet is being cared for with the compassion, attention and adoration he deserves. Our second priority? Having tons of fun, of course! Give us a ring today.

Our services cover all kinds of stuff you and your pet would need help with, from dog walks to family-style boarding, overnight house sitting visits to daily pet sitting visits (morning, afternoon, evening) for dogs, cats and any other pets you may have! We even offer a pet taxi to transport your pet to appointments or to and from your designated dog boarding house. Need something extra special? We gladly customize our services to meet you and your pet’s exact needs. Contact us now to learn more.

Waggy Walkys LLC is a professional Dog Walking and Pet Care company that has been in business since 2002. We pride ourselves on pet safety, thoroughly screened staff, and excellent customer service. Please contact us today for our current promotions!