Pet Taxi

Your Pet’s Own Little Limo

Getting your pet to the dog boarding home, vet, groomer, daycare, airport – or even the park – can be a real hassle. Or at least it used to be before Waggy Walkys pulled up in our safe and reliable pet taxi. We can transport your pet to any given location within the Metropolitan area!

Give us a jingle to schedule your pet’s hassle-free ride today.

Pet Taxi Services, Beagle puppy sitting on suit case.

Our Pricing

If you are boarding with us: $20 each way (within 5 miles ) each additional mile $1

$60 minimum for all other assignments. Rates based on assignment.

Pet Taxi ServicesPet Taxi Benefits

Our pet taxi comes zooming your way with plenty of benefits – although “zoom” is probably not the best word to use, since we do heed the speed limit. All our pet taxi drivers are licensed, insured and experienced pros who put safety before all else when getting to your pet’s desired destination. Because our pet taxi autos are already set up to transport dogs, cats and other lovable animals, we can easily load them into our vehicles and merrily take them on their way.

Treks with your pet can now be a breeze without you having to fret about covering your car seats while ensuring your pet is secured in the back without the risk of popping up front to distract the driver. Our pet taxi operators are not only prudent drivers, but we’re also full-time animal lovers who have tons of experience caring for and calming down pets who may become anxious or stressed when it comes to taking a ride.

Rides in our pet taxi are designed to be a stress-free experience, for you and your pet. That’s one of the reasons we also offer pet taxi services to run pet-related errands when you simply don’t have the time or energy to do so. These include picking up pet food, supplies or medications at the pet shop or vet’s office. Give us a call today to find out more about what our pet taxi services can do to help you and your pet.

Pet Taxi Services by Waggy Walkys LLC.