It is common knowledge for most pet owners that regular walks contribute significantly to a dog’s health and overall quality of life. Still, most people find it difficult to set aside time to walk their dog every day. For this reason, more and more pet owners are relying on professional dog walking services to give their dog the exercise they need.

Waggy Walkys is a premiere dog walking and pet care services provider in the DMV. Considering its reputation for having highly qualified employees and stellar reviews, Waggy Walkys has quickly become a premier choice for dog owners. Like most dog walking businesses, having a “meet and greet” is the first step pet owners take before booking a service through the website. Customers and their dog meet with the potential dog walker and discuss expectations, special requests, and any additional information that will be needed to best care for the animal.

Aside from the normal discussions about diet preferences, compatibility, and prices, pet owners should first and foremost be sure that their dog is a good fit for professional dog walking. This should be discussed and accessed during the meet and greet to ensure a smooth and safe service for both parties involved. Although professional dog walking is convenient, pet owners must also remember that although the dog walker will be extremely experienced, they are still a stranger. Learning the signs that may indicate an unprepared dog is important and will make both the owner and walker feel more at ease.

How To Tell If A Dog Is Ready For Professional Pet Walking

There are multiple signs that indicate a dog may not be ready for professional walking, no matter how experienced the walker is. Safety is the most important thing to consider when seeking professional dog walking services, and it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure their dog is a good fit. Most dogs are completely at ease with their owners, however some react nervously and even violently when they are in a stranger’s presence. Common signs that a dog will not react well to professional dog walking include:

  • Unable or unwilling to walk on a leash
  • Unable or unwilling to respond to common commands
  • Growling or barking at strangers
  • Frequent biting or overly aggressive behavior
  • Unable or unwilling to interact with other dogs

These are just a few patterns of behavior that could indicate a dog is not ready for professional dog walking services. While dog walkers are trained and extremely experienced, they are still strangers and dogs should be trained accordingly before being placed in their care.

Preparing A Dog For Professional Pet Walking

Preparing a dog for professional walking services is similar to preparing a dog for interacting with any other stranger. Training has the best impact when dogs are very young and eager to learn new things. Owners should be begin training by teaching their dog basic commands such as “sit”, “come”, and “stay”. After mastering basic commands, the dog should be taught to interact with strangers in a safe way. Good behavior should be rewarded regularly, while any aggressive behaviors should be recognized and corrected.

In addition to learning basic commands and how to interact with other humans, dogs should learn learn to socialize with other pets as well. “Play dates” for dogs are a common and useful strategy to teach them how to cooperate with other animals in a safe way.

Bottom Line – Final Thoughts

Waggy Walky’s Professional dog walkers are trained to interact with dogs regardless of their personality or special needs. However, dog owners should always consider safety the top priority when choosing to use our services. Learning basic commands and how to interact with strangers is not a difficult task for most dogs, and these steps should be taken before an owner chooses to hire a professional walker.