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It’s something many pet owners dread: boarding their furry friend for several days or weeks while the family is away from the home for one reason or another. Many boarding services are cramped, crowded, dirty, and unsanitary, making them poor places for animals to live for any period of time. The animals are often locked in cages, and get little time to do much outside of the confines of their kennel. While this practice is as old as keeping pets themselves, there are new options becoming available as new ideas come into play, with one of the most prominent being pet sitting as an alternative to boarding. Here at Waggy Walkys, we offer a wide array of pet sitting services, which can help to make your vacation less stressful for you, as well as for your dog.

The Dangers of Traditional Pet Boarding

While some facilities are well-kept, many boarding places are poorly maintained with poorly trained staff, which in turn can lead to significant harm to your cat or dog. In fact, many dogs can develop anxiety conditions while they are kept in the boarding facility, due to the stress they incur during their stay. Many of the animals are not fed diets which are suitable for their personal needs, and diseases have been known to make their way around these facilities. Boarding can be a traumatic experience for an animal, but fortunately there are better options available.

The Benefits of Pet Sitting

At Waggy Walkys, we do not board dogs the way many other traditional boarding centers do. In fact, we call our service, Pet Sitting.  Pet sitting with Waggy Walkys is where your pet can be cared for in the comfort of its own home. By Pet Sitting with Waggy Walkys, you will know that your pet is cared for and kept comfortable in your home while you are away. We believe that each and every animal deserves to be treated properly, and we are on a mission to change pet boarding for the better.

If you have pet boarding needs, contact Waggy Walkys today to learn more about your options. We can care for dogs of all sizes, and we would love to get to know you and your furry friend. By choosing Waggy Walkys, you are ensuring that you are working with the very best in dog care, and we are hoping to change the way you see dog boarding one vacation at a time. If you would like your pet to feel as comfortable and relaxed during your vacation as you, contact Waggy Walkys today to set up your pet sitting arrangements.

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