Sometimes people underestimate how important it is that dogs receive regular walking. Dogs require regular walking because it stimulates them in at least 3 different areas. These are the dog’s health, the dog’s social skills, and the training of the dog. Knowing these things, it would be wise to trust Waggy Walkys with the walking of a ones dog.


Dogs need exercise and walking them provides the perfect opportunity to give them what they need. When walking a dog, you improve its ability to be limber and agile. Walking a dog also improves the quality of its life by helping to manage its weight. Dogs and cats alike sometimes need a little help digesting their food, with regular walking this can give them comfort and encourage proper intestinal processes. I’m sure many people may have witnessed a dog that seems hyperactive. This can be remedied by taking the dog on walks. Pets are like children and just like children, it is wise to direct their energies to constructive activities. Waggy Walkys offers an opportunity to provide every pet with all of these health benefits and more.

Social Skills

Walking a dogs offers much to gain in the area of its social skills. By walking a dog, the walker can establish expectations for how it should act in the presence of other dogs and other people.  A new dog or even a new environment might prove to be overstimulating to a dog not familiar with its surroundings. A well behaved dog can save the owner a lot of headaches as well. By consistently walking your dog you reduce the risk of it biting or otherwise hurting other dogs or people around it.

Another advantage to a dog’s social skills brought about by regular walking is it allows the dog to meet different people and come into contact with varied situations.  By offering a dog the opportunity to come into contact with new experiences you strengthen its cognitive ability. A loving dog owner should never deprive their furry companion the social development it needs, so if one needs help with walking their dog, Waggy Walkys is always there.


Walking a dog provides a great opportunity to train it as well. First, walking a dog allows it to get comfortable with wearing a leash. The dog owner can establish a way to communicate an appropriate pace, whether it be walking, jogging, or running. Walking a dog regularly is also a great way to teach a dog simple commands like “stop”, “sit”, “stay” and “come”. Walking a dog is a great way to give it real world positive reinforcement. For those less experienced with training dogs in this way, Waggy Walkys is the perfect solution.


Walking a dog through Waggy Walkys or just in general offers numerous benefits for the overall well-being of a dog. Improved health, better social skills and an opportunity to train the dog are all possible through consistent walking. Lastly the benefits of walking a dog cannot be truly quantified because the joy a dog expresses while being walked is priceless.