Let’s face it, there are literally hundreds of dog walkers out there and 99.999% of them are not professional, and are not reliable.  Professional dog walking has steadily grown in popularity over the years. As a result, more and more businesses are popping up, offering dog walking services. Some people believe this is a good thing, as customers have more options to choose from and a growing variety of services to purchase for their dog. Others believe that the increase in professional dog walking businesses has caused the market to be flooded with amateur companies that are stealing customers away from more experienced, qualified establishments.  These amateur new comers don’t carry insurance and aren’t bonded.  They typically are single owner operator entities with no backup plan should something happen to the single employee.

With such a strong sense of competition, popular businesses like Waggy Walkys have to stay up to date and fresh to keep up and stand out from amateur companies. When new customers research companies to use for dog walking services, they look for a number of qualities. These can include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Reasonable prices
  • Experienced employees
  • Professionalism and organization
  • Prompt response time
  • Variety of services

A combination of these traits are usually what attracts new customers to a successful dog walking business, and they are also what keeps old customers loyal to the company. Still, with so many options for dog walking in the DMV area, it helps to know what makes Waggy Walkys, or any other company, different from the competition.

Pros And Cons – How Does Waggy Walkys Stand Out?

One of the major advantages we here at Waggy Walkys have over similar businesses in the area is the variety of services we offer. Besides dog walking, Waggy Walkys also offers dog park play, house sitting, pet sitting, dog boarding, and pet taxi services. This feature is key when looking for a credible dog walking business to patronize. Amateur businesses often advertise dog walking as their one and only service, as they are not experienced or organized enough to provide a larger variety of services.  They typically are not insured or bonded.  And if the single employee owner gets sick or cannot fulfill his or her duties then the customer and his or her pet suffers.

Another benefit of using Waggy Walkys is our large service area. Waggy Walkys services customers in the entire DMV, while most competitors only service one small area or county. Larger businesses are always a sign of experience and credibility, while smaller businesses can indicate a newer, less professional company.