Dog Socialization

Many new dog owners have been predisposed to the idea that there is little that can be done to prevent a dog from being aggressive around other animals. While some dogs are very kind and behave well around others, other dogs can be aggressive, and many have been known to attack other dogs, people, or animals. While these cases may be fairly common, they are avoidable, as proper socialization in dogs can work to prevent aggression and poor behavior.

What is Socialization?

Socialization is a term which refers to situations in which an animal (or person) is put in an environment where they are encouraged to interact with others. Dogs can be socialized in a number of ways, whether it be at a dog park, at a doggy day care, or simply during walks where they may encounter other dogs or animals. When a dog behaves well around other animals, it has proper socialization skills, and will often be far better behaved both in the home and on the town as a result. In contrast, a poorly socialized dog will be badly behaved around other animals, and in extreme cases can pose danger to children and other family members.

Why is Socialization Important?

As in humans, socialization is key when raising young dogs, as it will define their behavior for the rest of their lives. Dogs who are not socialized during their youth will not know how to properly behave around other dogs, or even other humans, and will become aggressive as a result. This can mean excessive barking, barking at other dogs, cats, or people it may see, growling, or even attacks in extreme cases. However, a dog that is properly socialized will likely bark much less, will be far easier to train, and will behave quite well around other dogs, particularly when being boarded at a doggy daycare, or when they are at the park. Well-socialized dogs will be far less likely to attack children or other members of the family, and will overall make a far better pet as the years go on.

What Can You Do to Socialize Your Dog?

While socialization is important, many dog owners are unaware of the proper techniques needed in order to properly socialize their dog. The first step is to ensure that a dog is of the proper age before beginning socialization – meaning they should be around 9 months old, with proper vaccinations. Once a dog reaches the right age and has had their shots, they can begin to interact with other dogs.

Socialization requires bringing the puppy to areas where a number of other dogs will be located, such as a dog park. For those who do not have experience in socialization, it may be best to consider a professional alternative, as it does take some practice to properly socialize a dog. Here at Waggy Walkys, we put a very heavy focus on socialization, both in-house as well as on walks, as we understand its importance to each dog’s health.

Here at Waggy Walkys, we offer a unique service known as Dog Park Play, where our dogs are able to socialize and play in a safe, supervised area, where they will learn proper behaviors while having fun. In addition, Waggy Walkys offer dog walking services, which can also be used to socialize animals when they are walked together. Our team is trained in dog behavior, and they know all there is to know about properly socializing a dog, making us number one in dog care in all of Baltimore.

If you are looking for a professional service to help you socialize your dog, contact Waggy Walkys today. At Waggy Walkys, we truly care about your pet, and we wish to see it live the happiest life possible. If you have any sort of pet sitting, dog walking, or socialization needs, give Waggy Walkys a call today to learn more about your options.

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