Dogs are currently the second most popular pet in the United States, with over 80 million pet dogs owned by Americans. Many dogs make excellent family pets, however a very large number of people who adopt these furry friends have little understanding about their exercise needs. Exercise is not only important to a dog because of its health, but because it also serves as a way for it to get out its energy, making it easier to train, and more well-behaved in the home.

Consequences of Little Exercise

When a dog does not get enough exercise, it will become prone to a number of health issues that could pose a threat to their life. One of the most common issues seen in dogs that get little to no exercise is obesity, which can lead to heart disease and sore joints as your dog ages. In addition, obesity in dogs can lead to a number of diseases commonly seen in overweight humans, such as respiratory disease, heart disease, and even diabetes. Overweight dogs are also prone to arthritis and other orthopedic issues, which can make movement painful for a dog in its old age. The easiest way to avoid each of these issues is to allow your dog to get the proper exercise each day; for those with a busy schedule, consider working with a dog walking company to help keep your dog in shape, such as Waggy Walkys. At Waggy Walkys, each of the dog walkers is trained to know how much exercise is need for certain breeds of dog, which can help to reduce the risk of obesity in your furry friend significantly.

What Constitutes Proper Exercise?

Understanding the exercise needs of your dog can be tricky, particularly with large breeds. While it may seem that a 15 minute walk is enough, larger breeds often require a minimum of two 45-minute walks each day in order to keep them in shape and living a healthy life. This routine can be difficult to follow for those with busy day to day routines, which lends its hand to the number of obese dogs in America today. It’s important to understand a dog’s exercise needs before bringing one into the home, however if you have found yourself with an insatiable pup, give Waggy Walkys a call today to learn more about professional dog walking options. By working with Waggy Walkys, you can guarantee that your friend is getting the exercise they need, without having to drastically change your routine.

Here at Waggy Walkys, we understand the importance of exercise for your pet; dogs which are not properly exercised have a higher risk for obesity than those which are walked properly, which can cause great harm to the animal in its later years of life. By working with Waggy Walkys, you can ensure that your pet is getting the exercise it needs to live a long and healthy life, free of obesity and other life-threatening conditions. Contact Waggy Walkys today to learn more about our rates and walkers, and what we have to offer you and your pet.

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